Agamemnon, King of Cars

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Agamemnon, King of Cars (excerpt)

What’s it like, when you’re dead?

I went to hell and felt too much, awful,
too hard, too fast. All of history was there.
I lived with the ghosts.
Everyone circled, mumbling blood.
I found Achilles, who was sad
and said death is very boring,
just memories, on and on, the same thing
and now with no hope of redemption.
He said to live simply
and never go off to war.
This from Achilles!
I thought hard too, and painfully.
Our time is urgent and maybe too late.
The new words that will overthrow the rule of
force will take so long to understand,
but they are already among us,
drawn into life to face the new
terrors. All we can do
is keep the peace in our generation
and so give ourselves into the future.