Like kids rolling

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Like kids rolling, dizzy

Like kids rolling, dizzy
down a hillside, squealing,
the earth is reeling
through cold snaps and spells of freezing,
through warm days, wild winds, mild nights
downpours, a world of
gooey, gray slush. Puddles
reflect blue skies as bright
as the first purple
crocus in a cool dirt garden.
The skies are full of ducks and robins.
People are emerging
onto the pavements of a modern
city seething with spring.

Which young woman will show you
the buds that tip the bare trees?
Who will make a gift of a true
promise, revealing which sprouts will be
hyacinths and yellow daffodils?
Basking in the rough breeze,
weathering bluster, drizzle, chill,
you can, you will
easily be a blossom,
all love in human
outburst to the sun.