Notes on a Man Kissing a Woman

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Notes on a Man Kissing a Woman

The man is transparent to paper.
She hides her face in her hair.
Where she looks in pleasure is a secret.
She swells from his loins.
Abandon sprees her long arms.
Her thighs are huge flesh
About to quake open and lift.
She dreams of silver platters.

He is intent on this mystery given
To his lips in light odors and
Expanse away, away.
Her loins fill his arms and head.
He gives his face to her flesh
And turns each tinge and color
Of her shifting flesh, rolling here.
She dreams of steel and glass towers.

Her hands cup open.
He stares into her belly.
He has to kiss her,
Night after day after night after day,
Returning, arousal and want.
He dreams in repetition, again and again,
The woman given to want.

Ah, the colors…
And the graceful sweep away…
She would be red if his eyes were closed
And all her flickering hair yellow.
His arms turn orange.
Green emerges on her belly.
He walks into the page
To turn from the page into her body.