Persephone’s Return
A short dramatic poem, written in 2011. A mystery play enactment of the Persephone myth: Persephone returns to describe death. Read the text and listen to Persephone’s Return Here.

The Women’s Mysteries
A full-length verse play, set in archaic Greek, at a beginning of history, as memory become myth. It’s the birth of civilization, centuries before the Classical era. [Read More]

Hearts on Fire
A full-length comedy, set in Iron City, Pittsburgh and Florida in the 1970’s. [Read More]

Untitled Play
Once titled Moral Support, this is a rather autobiographical play. A young man visits his mother after estrangement. Four characters, two sets, full-length. Characters: A young man, his father, mother and aunt. Sets: Two homes.

A one-act verse play, turning the Electra story on its head as the characters try to escape the tragic cycle. [Read More]

Agamemnon, King of Cars
A one-act verse play, a comic goatsong, as the characters rebel against the tragic cycle unfolding around the need for oil. Characters include Agamemnon, Meneleus, Odysseus, Iphigenia and a chorus of women’s individual voices. Read an excerpt, and watch William Considine reading from the play Here.

Naked Kitchen
A one-act play. A man and a woman in a prototypical domestic, kitchen sink drama. Two characters, one set. Watch Naked Kitchen Here.

The Mill
A full-length character drama set in an artist’s loft in lower Manhattan. Three young people from the same home town try to hold on in the big city. One set, three characters.

Necessities of the Feast
A full-length political satire, set in the White House. A president tries to lead a divided country into and out of war. Characters include the President; the First Lady; the president’s mistress, a movie star; the president’s whore; the Secretary of State; the Secretary of the Treasury; Congress; and a young dissident. The scenes show the dramatic influence of Genet.

Other short verse plays

The Infinite as Art: A Censor, internal or otherwise, limits a Poet’s art, leaving only the Infinite.

Prologue: Prehistory: An overview of Plutarch’s Life of Solon, including actions in The Women’s Mysteries and more.

Birdlady: A dialogue, woman and bird.

Early full-length plays

Enchantment and Crazy-Maker

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